On the very last night in the existence of the wonderful art center called Scheld’apen, we made a souvenir shop.

“A distinctive blue and white graphical symbol - designed to be visible from great distances, even from satellite photos - is the only type of marking recognized under international law for protecting cultural property during a period of armed conflict.
This Blue Shield is to cultural property what the Red Cross is to people. The symbol means: "this requires protection." Use of the Blue Shield is defined in Articles 16 and 17 of The 1954 Hague Convention.”


with: Kasper De Vos, Gerard Leysen, Karen Coosemans and Saskia Nachtvreugd

and with the help of: Tim Monden, Menno Vandevelde, Tim Vanhentenryck, Bent van de Sompele and Sander Michiels

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