Moments Before the Wind


Moments Before the Wind is a heterogeneous collection of notes on scenography that offers a glimpse into the poetics and artistic practice of Jozef Wouters. These reflections on space, scenography, art making and institutional critique have developed over the years as they were written out loud in various contexts. Now settling on the page among built and unbuilt spaces, they’re an invitation to the reader to think along or against, and think up space for oneself. Edited by Jeroen Peeters; graphic design by Filiep Tacq.

Moments Before the Wind was published by Varamo Press in September 2020 and is for sale in our webshop.


Moments Before the Wind is also an autonomous performance, created on the occasion of the book presentation in September 2020, when Decoratelier took over the auditorium of Vooruit. In this performance the book, as well as spaces and ideas that resisted its pages, is brought to life on stage. Quotations from previous creations and voices of kindred artists are compiled in a new performance that disrupts and renews our perspective on and in the auditorium.


Concept & performance: Jozef Wouters en Jeroen Peeters
Light & sound: Michiel Soete
Technical director: Menno Vandevelde
Many thanks to: Barry Ahmad Talib en Rimah Jabr
Production: Damaged Goods
Coproduction: Kunstencentrum Vooruit

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