Variation Of The Monty

Still doubting if this is a Variation, an Interpretation or an Adaptation.

Or maybe a dialogue, I don’t know.

But Dialogue With The Monty sounds stupid.

Whatever it is, it’s great fun to be invited to react on a space.

Though I wouldn’t call it a Reaction either.


Space for Alleen, a monologue by Sara De Roo written by Fikri El Azzouzi.

made by: Koen Schetske and Guy Peeters
lights: Hanne Dick and Tim Wouters
pictures: Koen Broos
production: tg Stan

thanks to: Monty and to Thomas Walgrave for building the original wainscoting twenty years ago.
special thanks to: Sara De Roo and Koen Schetske for their dedication.

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