Precarious Pavilions

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         The 21st century is, and increasingly will be, characterized by far-reaching crises: Besides climate change there will be continuing financial and cultural crises. How do we think about architecture — the creation of space — within an unstable world? How can the notion of precarity offer a lens through which to rethink our way of living, not only in a negative sense but also in a positive one?

Over the course of 2018—2019 four pavilions, in four different seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn), in four different (Belgian) cities, will be conceived by four different artist(collectives). The whole project is curated by Michiel Vandevelde.

Precarious pavilion #1 —
Don’t eat the microphone

Veridiana Zurita, Petra Van Dyck and Lea Dietschmann
1 june 2018 — 30 june 2018
Institute Dr. Guislain, Ghent

For the first pavilion in Ghent Veridiana Zurita, Petra Van Dyck and Lea Dietschmann question the relation between mental health, cure, artistic production, economy and the creation of space. Looking at how neoliberal discourse and the implementation of its policies manage to homogenize institutional structures into systematic machines of good management Zurita/Van Dyck/Dietschmann ally forces towards the imagination of an heterotopic institution between the psychiatric and artistic fields of working. In 'Precarious Pavilions #1 - Don’t Eat The Microphone' they propose some kind of anti-pavilion, an agonistic space, a place for cooking together, for twisting language, fictionalizing discourses and for suspending anesthetized social roles. On the meadow inside of the psychiatric institution they will open, for one month, a space consisting of loose objects - inspired by Lygia Clark's artistic practice -, a setup of microphones, books, voice effect pedals, instruments, costumes and with a mobile kitchen as the motor for cooking the pathologized polarities between psychotics (insiders) and neurotics (outsiders). During this month Zurita/Van Dyck/Dietschmann will build further upon their experiences of the past four years (‘Don't Eat The Microphone’ has been activated the past four summers, always in slightly different forms), inviting many other people (researchers, activists, practitioners) to fuel their reflection around today’s economic precarity and the consequences for social segregation within and outside institutions. This bunch of people will imagine, speculate, propose, brainstorm, sketch, scream, improvise, stutter, go mad and get silent about other economies of being together.

Partners: Vooruit en centrum De Meander/Campus Dr. Guislain
Ondersteund door de Vlaamse Overheid

Precarious pavilion #2 —
Lietje Bauwens and Wouter De Raeve

9 October 2018 — 13 October 2018
Place de la Monnaie, Brussels

Partners: Kaaitheater, Constant vzw, Imal,…
Ondersteund door de Vlaamse Overheid

Precarious pavilion #3 —
Homes (Unlimited)

Karthik Pandian and Andros Zins-Browne
26 January 2019 — 21 March 2019

Partners: DeSingel, Extra City Kunsthal, Het Bos
Ondersteund door de Vlaamse Overheid

Precarious pavilion #4
Pieterjan Ginckels
May 2019

Partners: 30CC, Stad en Architectuur
Ondersteund door de Vlaamse Overheid